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Mapping sandboxes: Ushahidi, Drupal+OpenLayers, GoogleMaps

We test a lot of mapping-related tools, services, and platforms that nonprofits and community groups might find useful.  Our current sandboxes include:

Illinois Art Fair Directory

MapTogether's website development team built this simple interactive database-with-map of local community art fairs in Illinois.  Visitors can search for a specific fair or browse through a map of the state and zoom into their particular region.  A dynamically-generated calendar of upcoming fairs and associated registration deadlines is available as well.

California Inclusionary Housing Policy Database

screenshot of CCRH mapThe California Inclusionary Housing Policy Database provides a geographic search capability for users seeking information about policies in specific regions or municipalities in California.  The database, possibly the first of its kind in the US, is managed by the California Coalition for Rural Housing, and was developed by MT development partner CTC in 2008-09 thanks to funding from the S. H. Cowell Foundation.  The database and associated website are built on the Drupal content management system, using GIS functionality supplied by Google and CTC's mapping software. - Discover the Past by Address

screenshot of allows users to "discover the past by address." Historical records culled from several organizations - including the Newberry Library, Chicago Historical Society, as well as hundreds of churches and schools - are viewed using an interactive mashup-style Google Map. Information about people, places, and events through Chicago, including user-submitted locations and photographs, can be viewed in their proper historical and geographical contexts.  The user-submitted stories and photographs are some of the most compelling features of the site: some of the pictures and accounts submitted by everyday users are shining examples of digital storytelling.  The site is managed and sponsored by the Newberry Library.