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The Story of Tutor/Mentor Connection

I recently interviewed Dan Bassill, president and founder of Tutor/Mentor Connection, a well-respected organization in Chicago that provides extensive mentorship-related resources as well as an online community for tutor/mentor program educators, facilitators, fundraisers, policymakers, and other interested parties.  Dan has long been a supporter of the use of GIS and online mapping in a nonprofit/community context, and T/MC was providing interactive online maps years before the "Mashup Explosion" of this decade.

New Penn State / PBS Series: "Geospatial Revolution"

I just watched the trailer for the new Penn State public broadcasting series, the Geospatial Revolution Project -- for a geo-geek like me, it was truly awesome!  A bit of context for those of you who can't watch the video right now, from the GRP website:

Penn State Public Broadcasting is developing the Geospatial Revolution Project, an integrated public media and outreach initiative about the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think, behave, and interact.  The project will feature a web-based serial release of eight video episodes... the episodes will culminate in a 60-minute documentary. The project also will include an outreach initiative in collaboration with our educational partners.

We're looking forward to seeing what these outreach materials are as well.  The website mentions K-12 programming but also civic/community participation, so hopefully we'll see some useful materials that we can add to our nonprofit mapping resource library!


Cnet: "Do-gooders doing Google Earth"

Article from tech journalism site C|Net about nonprofit/community mapping for the greater good. - Discover the Past by Address

screenshot of allows users to "discover the past by address." Historical records culled from several organizations - including the Newberry Library, Chicago Historical Society, as well as hundreds of churches and schools - are viewed using an interactive mashup-style Google Map. Information about people, places, and events through Chicago, including user-submitted locations and photographs, can be viewed in their proper historical and geographical contexts.  The user-submitted stories and photographs are some of the most compelling features of the site: some of the pictures and accounts submitted by everyday users are shining examples of digital storytelling.  The site is managed and sponsored by the Newberry Library.