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Accommodating Color-blind Viewers When Creating Maps

A blog article with a collection of examples of map color schemes viewed through filters simulating various types of color-blindness.  In addition, various useful links to other simulators and color scheme generators are included.

Africa Map: Browse and Explore African Datasets

picture layer in Africa MapThe Africa Map project, currently in beta, is an online map and data viewer created by Harvard University.  The map combines data sets of numerous categories from a wide variety of sources, allowing thematic maps to be viewed and explored.  The purposes of the project, according to the project web site:

  1. Interact with the best available public data for Africa
  2. See the whole of Africa yet also zoom in to particular places
  3. Accumulate both contemporary and historical data supplied by researchers and make it permanently accessible online
  4. Work collaboratively across disciplines and organizations with spatial information about Africa in an online environment

Accessibility Maps

While working on the MapRoots project lately, I built a set of icons to represent accessibility resources on a map: Braille placards, TTY/TTD devices, wheelchair-accessible buildings, etc.  (You can download the icons here :)

When I started researching this part of the project, I came across various examples of accessibility maps created by cities and organizations - I thought some of these were worth sharing.

Accessibility Icon Set #1 Release for Drupal.Gmap

As part of our work on the Maproots prototype, we've been adding custom Google Map markers that might be useful in a community mapping context.  Today we're releasing a 10-marker set of accessibility icons, along with the required marker.ini file for drop-in implementation on any site using Drupal's Gmaps module.

contact strip of accessibility icons

Who Needs Satellites? Grassroots Mapping Provides DIY Aerial Mapping for Peruvians!

Just read a great article from Grassroots Mapping about a public participation GIS project recently conducted for the Cantagallos community in Lima, Peru.  To help the community bolster their land claims to the territory they've settled, Grassroots Mapping led an aerial photography gathering mission using helium balloons and a camera.  Since the Google Maps / Earth imagery for the region was a few years old and didn't show recent changes to the environment, the detailed up-to-date aerial photography provided a more accurate base map for future public participation mapping efforts!

"Behind the Scenes" Of EDF's "Dirty Oil in NYC" Mapplication!

Last week, we added a new example to our resource library: the Environmental Defense Fund's interactive mapping application of "dirty" heating oil in New York City on a building-by-building level.  Because this is a great example of a nonprofit mapping application, I asked the EDF's Kira Marchenese to tell us a little bit more about the data sources, mapping tools, and processes that took place to create this project.