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Canadian GeoConnections Discovery Portal

The GeoConnections Discovery Portal offers visitors access to a collection of datasets and metadata in a variety of formats, including raw datasets, KML, and shapefiles.

GeoGratis - Canadian government geodata

Operated by Natural Resources Canada, GeoGratis is a new portal that attempts to improve access to freely available Candian government-created geodata.  Although many government geodata resources in Canada are protected by Crown Copyright and thus not freely available, all of the data on this portal should be free to obtain and use for any purpose.

Africa Map: Browse and Explore African Datasets

picture layer in Africa MapThe Africa Map project, currently in beta, is an online map and data viewer created by Harvard University.  The map combines data sets of numerous categories from a wide variety of sources, allowing thematic maps to be viewed and explored.  The purposes of the project, according to the project web site:

  1. Interact with the best available public data for Africa
  2. See the whole of Africa yet also zoom in to particular places
  3. Accumulate both contemporary and historical data supplied by researchers and make it permanently accessible online
  4. Work collaboratively across disciplines and organizations with spatial information about Africa in an online environment

Windows desktop gadget for browsing

For those folks who regularly search for US government GIS maps and data on, the US "Geospatial Data One-Stop" website, there's a new widget for quickly and easily keeping tabs on new data released. The Carbon Project recently released a new version of their "GOS Dashboard Gadget" for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The widget installs to the desktop and allows users to easily browse offerings, as well as get notified of updates that match a defined filter or geographical area. You can check out a movie of the gadget in action here: You can download the gadget here:


Another OSGeo project. GeoNetwork lets organization share and use open source geospatial data using the internet. - US National Online Atlas

The US National Atlas website offers dynamic, interactive thematic maps, multiple map generators for creating your own custom maps based on available government data, as well as raw data available for download by GIS professionals.