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Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

From my hometown Urbana, vector and raster data for all the world!

"Access Illinois GIS data sets and documentation (metadata) for ArcIMS Interactive Map Services, USGS digital topographic maps, aerial photography, orthoimagery, orthophotography, geology, land use, natural resources, and infrastructure. Illinois data sets and map data layers are available for download free of charge."

GIS Climate Change Scenarios

Data provided by the National Center of Atmospheric Research's GIS Initiative. Geodata for the US and global vector data.

NOAA satellite imagery uses

NOAA is one of the biggest contributors to the government geodata world. Here is an example of interesting finds you can research through satellite data. Cloral bleaching is a problem in today's warming world, and NOAA/NESDIS compiled these...

Web Soil Survey

Preview and download soil data from the USDA.