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Social Science

World Bank's Data Catalog

The World Bank offers a large data repository of economic indicators, statistics, and other useful tools for mapmakers working in international development.  Users can search for data by country or by topic (Aid Effectiveness, Health, Poverty, etc.).  In addition to viewing or downloading data, the site presents a nifty visualization tool displaying data on a world map.


Nonprofit mapping thoughts about Census 2010

map generated using census bureau data and toolsEvery ten years, the United States embarks on a census to count every person in the country.  The 2010 census date of counting is only a couple of weeks away (April 1st, 2010) so there has been a lot of census talk in the media recently.

Spatially Integrated Social Science - Australia

ARC Resarch Network Spatially Integrated Social Science (ARCRNSISS) is a coalition of academic and other institutions promoting spatial integration in the social sciences.  It is the Australian counterpart to CSISS in the United States.

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Sciences

This NSF-funded project at the University of California Santa Barbara promotes the use of spatial analysis (tools, disciplines, etc.) in the social science research community.


CRIMESTAT is a program that interaces with ArcGIS and other desktop programs. The program itself conducts geostatistical analysis using crime and incident locations and times. The program is used widely across the nation for spatial analysis. - Public data repository

"Datamob highlights the connection between public data sources and the interfaces people are building for them. Our listings emphasize the connection between data posted by governments and public institutions and the interfaces people are building to explore that data."

There is a wide selection of innovative maps, datasets, and data visualization interfaces drawing on a variety of topics. You can spend quite some time going through the offerings here!