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Community Improvement & Capacity Building - Public data repository

"Datamob highlights the connection between public data sources and the interfaces people are building for them. Our listings emphasize the connection between data posted by governments and public institutions and the interfaces people are building to explore that data."

There is a wide selection of innovative maps, datasets, and data visualization interfaces drawing on a variety of topics. You can spend quite some time going through the offerings here!

Project ATLAS: Community Mapping Experiment Curriculum

Outline of a "community mapping experiment" syllabus for youth - appears suitable for middle school / junior high school students, most likely?

"The Community Mapping Experiment enables the students to "define" their community by using the GPS receiver to measure the position of some important landmarks."

University of Arkansas Geospatial and Attribute Database

The Library of the University of Arkansas has a very impressive collection of international and US geodata repository links - mostly geospatial data and attributes.  I'll be poking around in here for hours, I think!  A wide variety of topics and well-organized to boot.

Integrated Approaches to Participatory Development - IAPAD

The IAPAD site contains a wealth of information about participatory and public participation GIS, including an excellent overview of some community resource mapping strategies, as well as tips for community mapping practitioners.

CIFOR Participatory Mapping Workshop in Indonesia

Brief article about an intensive participatory GIS workshop held with rural Indonesians, including training of geographic and GIS concepts and fieldwork mapping, with a focus on peaceful resolution of boundary disputes between tribes and villages.

Connecticut Community Resource Inventory Online

The Connecticut Community Resource Inventory Online (CRI) allows Connecticut residents to download a variety of maps for every township in the state, including maps displaying topographical, soil and water, transportation, political, and agricultural information.