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Human Services

NPO Mapping Case Study: Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living

regional map of illinois centers for independent livingThe Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living is a statewide coalition of the 23 regional centers for independent living (CIL) that serve Illinoisans with disabilities.  CILs promote full and equal access to our communities for those residents and visitors with disabilities.  The mission of INCIL is to help these regional centers share resources and collaborate on statewide issues such as funding and advocacy.

National Shelter System Maps For Tennessee Flood Victims From Red Cross and FEMA

screenshot of red cross shelters near Nashville Tennessee  The Red Cross and FEMA jointly operate the National Shelter System, a comprehensive database of over 54,000 emergency shelters across the United States.  When shelters are activated during an emergency, this system is used to monitor locations, capacities, and other shelter information.  In addition to Red Cross and FEMA staff and volunteers, many state and local organizations use this information as well.

World Bank's Data Catalog

The World Bank offers a large data repository of economic indicators, statistics, and other useful tools for mapmakers working in international development.  Users can search for data by country or by topic (Aid Effectiveness, Health, Poverty, etc.).  In addition to viewing or downloading data, the site presents a nifty visualization tool displaying data on a world map. Interactive Map of Food Stamp Usage

screenshot of interactive map about food stamp usage in the USThe New York Times, known for some first-class infographics and data visualizations, released this thought-provoking map of food stamp usage in the United States, on a county-by-county basis.  In addition to the county-level statistics, there are a number of call-outs and a related article.

One feature I thought was interesting, in addition to the elegant interactive map, was the sortable data table view of the underlying dataset.  Even cooler, if you don't feel like using the sortable dataset, the designers of the infographic have helpfully provided a link to download the raw underlying data itself in CSV format, so that you can analyze it yourself in Calc or Microsoft Excel!  Three cheers for open journalism.

ESRI's Health and Human Services GIS

A good overlook and view of what and how GIS is used in GIS. There are case studies and a helpful newsletter linked to this site.

IPLAN Data System - Public Health Statistics Generator for Illinois

The Illinois Department of Public Health has an excellent dataset generator for every Illinois county and MSA across the state. In addition to disease and mortality statistics, you can integrate a wide variety of related demographic and socioeconomic data.