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NPO Mapping Case Study: Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living

regional map of illinois centers for independent livingThe Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living is a statewide coalition of the 23 regional centers for independent living (CIL) that serve Illinoisans with disabilities.  CILs promote full and equal access to our communities for those residents and visitors with disabilities.  The mission of INCIL is to help these regional centers share resources and collaborate on statewide issues such as funding and advocacy.

Accessibility Map Project - Geneva

The project invites "groups of people on the fringe of society to express their experiences and opinions through face-to-face meetings and mobile phones."  They've worked on some very cool projects but I'm most impressed with their urban accessibility maps (thanks to Urban Tick for the link).

The Geneva and Barcelona accessibility maps were created by giving GPS-enabled camera phones to people using wheelchairs.  Over a 6-month period, the mapmakers documented inaccessible barriers around their respective cities - each barrier was photographed and placed automatically on a mashup.  Common barriers include stairways, inaccessible curbs, escalators, broken elevators, etc.

Accommodating Color-blind Viewers When Creating Maps

A blog article with a collection of examples of map color schemes viewed through filters simulating various types of color-blindness.  In addition, various useful links to other simulators and color scheme generators are included.

Accessibility Maps

While working on the MapRoots project lately, I built a set of icons to represent accessibility resources on a map: Braille placards, TTY/TTD devices, wheelchair-accessible buildings, etc.  (You can download the icons here :)

When I started researching this part of the project, I came across various examples of accessibility maps created by cities and organizations - I thought some of these were worth sharing.

Accessibility Icon Set #1 Release for Drupal.Gmap

As part of our work on the Maproots prototype, we've been adding custom Google Map markers that might be useful in a community mapping context.  Today we're releasing a 10-marker set of accessibility icons, along with the required marker.ini file for drop-in implementation on any site using Drupal's Gmaps module.

contact strip of accessibility icons