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Interactive Map of US County Public Health Statistics

screenshot of County Health Rankings siteA new website called County Health Rankings analyzes public health statistics for each county in the US, creating state-by-state reports of the healthiest counties.  The website, a joint project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, analyzes healh factors (statistics about disease incidence, tobacco use, etc.) and health outcomes (such as life expectancy) to create county-by-county rankings of each state.  These rankings are then mapped for each state, using Flash-based Fusion Maps software (not free/open source) so that users can drill down to access county-level data.

"Behind the Scenes" Of EDF's "Dirty Oil in NYC" Mapplication!

Last week, we added a new example to our resource library: the Environmental Defense Fund's interactive mapping application of "dirty" heating oil in New York City on a building-by-building level.  Because this is a great example of a nonprofit mapping application, I asked the EDF's Kira Marchenese to tell us a little bit more about the data sources, mapping tools, and processes that took place to create this project.

EDF Map of "Dirty" Heating Oil Usage in NYC

According to the Environmental Defense Fund, heating systems cause 50% more pollution in New York City than cars and trucks.  EDF obtained data from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection in early 2009 showing which buildings in the city use the "dirty" No. 4 or No. 6 heating oil, as opposed to the relatively cleaner-burning No. 2 oil or natural gas.  This Flash-based map, created from that data, shows a building-by-building status of heating oil in use, as well as pending applications for fuel changes.  In addition, this map features an address search widget so that you can look for a specific building directly.

Incredible Interactive Map of Affordable Housing Statistics in NYC

"Envisioning Development: What is Affordable Housing?" is an interactive Flash-based map of housing and income statistics on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis throughout the New York City area.  Although I've seen similar statistical/analytical interactive maps with similar data plenty of times, the aesthetic design and information visualization "impact" of this map is almost breathtaking.  This map is part of an online resource toolkit for urban planning and land use education based around NYC, offered by the Center for Urban Pedagogy.

screenshot of envisioning-development map application