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iGMT: Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets

"This program is intended to make working with the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) easier. iGMT provides a graphical user interface for GMT and is written in the Tcl/Tk computer language. Besides supplying a user friendly way of handling GMT, iGMT comes with built-in support for many different geoscientific data sets, such as topography, gravity, seafloor age, hypocenter catalogs, plate boundary files, hotspot lists, CMT solutions etc."

An interactive mapping tool with a built in datasets.

The "Where" Questions

In many of our other articles and resources about geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping for nonprofit organizations (NPOs), we focus more on the "NPO" than the "GIS" aspects: why should NPOs use GIS/mapping tools, how do these tools help fulfill nonprofit missions, when is it appropriate for NPOs to use these tools, what types of projects are other NPOs working on, etc.

In this article I'll be discussing some concepts squarely from the GIS/mapping side of the fence, but relax: we're going to keep it super simple and try to put in as many relevant community/NPO/NGO examples as we can :)


"Flowmap is a software package dedicated to analyzing and displaying interaction or flow data. This type of data is special in the sense that there are two different geographic locations connected to each data item: An origin location where the flow starts and an destination location where the flow ends. The flow data itself can be people (e.g. commuters, shoppers, hospital visitors), goods, usage of agricultural services or telecommunication and so on."


CRIMESTAT is a program that interaces with ArcGIS and other desktop programs. The program itself conducts geostatistical analysis using crime and incident locations and times. The program is used widely across the nation for spatial analysis.

CRAN Taskview GIS Spatial Analysis Tool

A good website to read up on it is MapCruzer! and CRAN's site. This tool can use geostatistics and spatial regression as well and read and write geodata. It also has special tools for disease analysis and ecological analysis.