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Cameo plans for chemical outbreaks and responce actions.

"developed by EPA’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Response and Restoration (NOAA), to assist front-line chemical emergency planners and responders. They can use CAMEO to access, store, and evaluate information critical for developing emergency plans. In addition, CAMEO supports regulatory compliance by helping users meet the chemical inventory reporting requirements of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA, also known as SARA Title III). CAMEO also can be used with a separate software application called LandView ® to display EPA environmental databases and demographic/economic information to support analysis of environmental justice issues."

EPA: Basins 4.0

"Installation software that contains the BASINS Version 4.0 system, data download tool, full documentation in the pulldown help menu, and the tutorial project and data (HUC-02060006) is now available. BASINS 4.0 contains the installation program for an open source GIS program (MapWindow Exit EPA Disclaimer). At this time the only models available in BASINS 4.0 are WinHSPF and PLOAD and the tools GenScn and WDMUtil. BASINS 4.0 also contains a link to AQUATOX.

...GenScn is a model post processing and scenario analysis tool that is used to analyze output from HSPF and SWAT."


The purpose is for gaming but the uses of this program can benifit all sorts of people.

"a free Fantasy Role-Playing mapper software and a new GNU Community of Role-Playing Gamers. AutoREALM is a Free GNU mapping software (a "cartographer") that can design maps of castles, cities, dungeons and more. AutoREALM is generally used by Role-playing Game practicants who enjoy doing their own maps. But it could fits the needs of other people." 

Renewable Energy for America - Interactive Map

This is a very cool and effective use of mapping for a social/environmental cause.

"Renewable Energy Nationwide was designed to show the enormous potential for new energy systems that reduce global warming emissions, protect critical environmental values and move the United States toward energy independence."

University of Arkansas Geospatial and Attribute Database

The Library of the University of Arkansas has a very impressive collection of international and US geodata repository links - mostly geospatial data and attributes.  I'll be poking around in here for hours, I think!  A wide variety of topics and well-organized to boot.

GIS Center at Stony Brook

A local New Jersey watershed protection organization sponsors this regional GIS clearinghouse.  They've got lots of good content from over the years, most of it focused on the Northeast and environmental data collection/visualization.