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VisualPlace: Australian Map Visualization

The government of Victoria, Australia recently created a pilot project to allow visualization and mapping of data from the state government.  This application requires Silverlight.

From the VisualPlace blog:

"The purpose of VisualPlace is to show the value of an interactive GIS-enabled service for the visualisation of location based government information."

Nonprofit mapping thoughts about Census 2010

map generated using census bureau data and toolsEvery ten years, the United States embarks on a census to count every person in the country.  The 2010 census date of counting is only a couple of weeks away (April 1st, 2010) so there has been a lot of census talk in the media recently.


"MapBuilder is a powerful, standards compliant geographic mapping client which runs in a web browser."

Much like OpenLayers.

ESRI's Free Explorer Application

ESRI has two free and quasi-light weight programs for the download. One is an server application for the exploration and viewing of 2D and 3D programs, the other is a viewer application.