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University of Arkansas Geospatial and Attribute Database

The Library of the University of Arkansas has a very impressive collection of international and US geodata repository links - mostly geospatial data and attributes.  I'll be poking around in here for hours, I think!  A wide variety of topics and well-organized to boot.


Remote Sensing/GIS and Human Health: A Partial Bibliography contains references for further research into health and GIS.



Reseach over 10,000 references with this program.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture on GIS

Interested in GIS and agriculture? Have the urge to shower yourself in government-made powerpoint presentation? Here is a start.

Historical GIS data of Chicago

A couple of unique datasets from the Chicago, historical and present. Sprinkled with a couple good links to data clearinghouses.

Rutgers interactive maps

Lets the user click on the map, to display info about the buildings. Many schools are still using static maps that are cumbersome to the user to understand and to find what they are looking for.