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best - A Web App That Helps Build Strong Neighborhoods! recently launched their Neighborhood Finder, an online web application for people seeking to move to a new neighborhood in Chicago - and coming soon, other cities around the US!

Google Fusion Tables: A Quick, Easy, and FREE Nonprofit Mapmaking Tool!

In our last few articles, we've looked at some free desktop-based applications that nonprofit staff can use to create choropleths and cartograms, two specific types of maps.  These desktop tools, while they can be free and powerful, aren't always user-friendly and many nonprofits don't have the necessary underlying datafiles to use them properly.

HOWTO: Quick and Dirty Google Maps

The Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) has long since been a hero to me: the dedication, the participatory politics and the clear and open campaigns that are respectfully fought. It seems only fitting to use their fabulous community resource map - created in conjunction with the Open Youth Network - as an example for this article. First, take a look at what it has going for itself:

US state cartogram/choropleth generator

From Texas A&M University - select a template, assign different states to different colors, then get a dynamically-generated map of the US with color-coded states. Apparently you can have up to six different color/group/cohorts of states.

TechSoup: "Reach Out With Google Earth Outreach"

Nonprofit-focused article on Google Earth Outreach and their efforts to promote the use of GE and related software in the nonprofit sector, as well as some nice screenshots from MapTogether favorite

GIS and Mapping Toolbox at Social Source Commons

Social Source Commons is a website where nonprofits can share information about the software they use. This particular collection of GIS and Mapping Tools is maintained by Eric Leland.