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Who Needs Satellites? Grassroots Mapping Provides DIY Aerial Mapping for Peruvians!

Just read a great article from Grassroots Mapping about a public participation GIS project recently conducted for the Cantagallos community in Lima, Peru.  To help the community bolster their land claims to the territory they've settled, Grassroots Mapping led an aerial photography gathering mission using helium balloons and a camera.  Since the Google Maps / Earth imagery for the region was a few years old and didn't show recent changes to the environment, the detailed up-to-date aerial photography provided a more accurate base map for future public participation mapping efforts!

PPGIS: GPS and tenure mapping

The article discusses the difficulties in other countries of collectiong geodata or making cartographic development while noting Philippine Association for Inter-Cultural Development (PAFID) activities.

Participatory 3D Modeling

This interesting discusses the community and local uses for 3D modeling and elevation relief models. The article contains a section below for easy reference of what different apspects can benefit from P3DM.

PPGIS: Annotated Bibliography of Academic Resources

This bibliography, produced in 2006, contains references to a decade's worth of journal and other academic articles about public participation GIS.

Integrated Approaches to Participatory Development - IAPAD

The IAPAD site contains a wealth of information about participatory and public participation GIS, including an excellent overview of some community resource mapping strategies, as well as tips for community mapping practitioners.