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community - A Web App That Helps Build Strong Neighborhoods! recently launched their Neighborhood Finder, an online web application for people seeking to move to a new neighborhood in Chicago - and coming soon, other cities around the US!

Map of Public Art in Chicago

Those cool folks at the Chicago Public Art Group have an awesome "Public Art Map" that allows people to view and learn about public art installations all over the city: sculptures, mosaics, installations - they've got a lot of entries all on one handy Google map.  (In fact, they've done such a great job populating the map with public art examples that you'll probably need to zoom in to a specific neighborhood to be able to see everything!  :)

PPGIS: GPS and tenure mapping

The article discusses the difficulties in other countries of collectiong geodata or making cartographic development while noting Philippine Association for Inter-Cultural Development (PAFID) activities.

Zillow Neighborhood Boundaries Collection

Once we get down to the level of neighborhoods, below the township scale, finding GIS data can be very tricky. Neighborhoods usually aren't officially recognized, at least not by any body large enough or interested enough in creating accurate GIS data descriptions beyond "the houses between East Smith Street and the river."

Online real estate firm Zillow has created this collection of 7000 neighborhood shapefiles and associated geodata. They're under a CC BY SA license so you can use them on anything as long as you credit Zillow and share them along.