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Using maps in Literature class?! Take a Lit Trip!

A "Lit Trip" is a digital tour of the places and settings in a work of literature - think of it like a mashup of Google Maps and your favorite novel!  Lit trips can combine images, text, multimedia, and background information concerning a work of literature, and it can put these elements in their geographically-appropriate places.  Imagine seeing background context for The Odyssey superimposed over a map of the hero's travels, or following along with the Joads as they travel west from Oklahoma to California.

The Google Lit Trips site contains Google Earth based lit trip downloads, divided into age-appropriate groups for children and adults.

Map of Public Art in Chicago

Those cool folks at the Chicago Public Art Group have an awesome "Public Art Map" that allows people to view and learn about public art installations all over the city: sculptures, mosaics, installations - they've got a lot of entries all on one handy Google map.  (In fact, they've done such a great job populating the map with public art examples that you'll probably need to zoom in to a specific neighborhood to be able to see everything!  :)

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative - ECAI

"The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative is a global consortium of people who share the vision of creating a distributed virtual library of cultural information with a time and place interface.  ECAI is a global consortium incorporating scholars in the humanities, social sciences and history; archivists, librarians and curator; members of non-governmental organization; and information technology researchers."

They've got some interesting uses of maps as atlases containing digital storytelling, as well as links to hundreds of maps and geo pieces related to various aspects of culture.

Illinois Art Fair Directory

MapTogether's website development team built this simple interactive database-with-map of local community art fairs in Illinois.  Visitors can search for a specific fair or browse through a map of the state and zoom into their particular region.  A dynamically-generated calendar of upcoming fairs and associated registration deadlines is available as well.