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Website is a popular free geocoding service for addresses in the United States.  The site uses TIGER line data along with geocoding code written in perl to provide geocoding services for thousands of websites.  The site's creators also provide paid geo-related services.

Integrated Approaches to Participatory Development - IAPAD

The IAPAD site contains a wealth of information about participatory and public participation GIS, including an excellent overview of some community resource mapping strategies, as well as tips for community mapping practitioners.

Connecticut Community Resource Inventory Online

The Connecticut Community Resource Inventory Online (CRI) allows Connecticut residents to download a variety of maps for every township in the state, including maps displaying topographical, soil and water, transportation, political, and agricultural information.

AIDS/HIV Globally

Chloropleths of global distribution of HIV-1 strains and global prevalence.

Find Radio Stations

Democracy Now! uses a interactive map to let a listener find local stations that play its program.