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Using maps in Literature class?! Take a Lit Trip!

A "Lit Trip" is a digital tour of the places and settings in a work of literature - think of it like a mashup of Google Maps and your favorite novel!  Lit trips can combine images, text, multimedia, and background information concerning a work of literature, and it can put these elements in their geographically-appropriate places.  Imagine seeing background context for The Odyssey superimposed over a map of the hero's travels, or following along with the Joads as they travel west from Oklahoma to California.

The Google Lit Trips site contains Google Earth based lit trip downloads, divided into age-appropriate groups for children and adults.

Edmonton Open Data Catalogue

Open data catalogue website provided by the City of Edmonton, provincial capital of Alberta, Canada.  Features a variety of topical data sets, including locations of schools, fire stations, bus stops, census data, etc.

Planning the most efficient route with Optimap

Does your organization provide services in the community regularly?  Do you have regular routes of sites to visit: neighborhood elderly, community centers, or even regular errand runs?  There are many situations when a local nonprofit or community organization needs to plan a logical route between multiple locations in a city or region.  But what's the most efficient route when you have several - or a dozen - sites to visit?

In the computer science world, this is a classic computational challenge that programmers have long studied, referred to as the "traveling salesman problem" because of its original context: given the distances between each city, what is the most efficient route between a number of cities, so that you visit each city once and only once?

ESRI Education Community

Portal with links for ESRI software users in the education field.


The non-profit wing of ESRI - offers grants, services, and more.  Note: not just for conservation topics - information here can be useful for all nonprofits.

ESRI Grants

Page on ESRI website about grants of their software and services with links to information about other available GIS-related grants.