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participatory gis

HOWTO: Quick and Dirty Google Maps

The Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) has long since been a hero to me: the dedication, the participatory politics and the clear and open campaigns that are respectfully fought. It seems only fitting to use their fabulous community resource map - created in conjunction with the Open Youth Network - as an example for this article. First, take a look at what it has going for itself:

PPGIS: Annotated Bibliography of Academic Resources

This bibliography, produced in 2006, contains references to a decade's worth of journal and other academic articles about public participation GIS.

Integrated Approaches to Participatory Development - IAPAD

The IAPAD site contains a wealth of information about participatory and public participation GIS, including an excellent overview of some community resource mapping strategies, as well as tips for community mapping practitioners.

CIFOR Participatory Mapping Workshop in Indonesia

Brief article about an intensive participatory GIS workshop held with rural Indonesians, including training of geographic and GIS concepts and fieldwork mapping, with a focus on peaceful resolution of boundary disputes between tribes and villages.