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GIS/Mapping Primer for Nonprofits

This article is intended to provide a very high-level conceptual overview of GIS software and geographic/mapping applications and their benefit to nonprofit and community organizations. 

NPO Mapping Case Study: Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living

regional map of illinois centers for independent livingThe Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living is a statewide coalition of the 23 regional centers for independent living (CIL) that serve Illinoisans with disabilities.  CILs promote full and equal access to our communities for those residents and visitors with disabilities.  The mission of INCIL is to help these regional centers share resources and collaborate on statewide issues such as funding and advocacy.

Annotated Slides From January 12th "Nonprofit GIS" Presentation in Portland

On January 12th, I co-presented two sessions on nonprofit mapping alongside Matt Blair of Humaninet, sponsored by Humaninet, NTEN, TACS, and PDXTech4Good.  Unlike Matt, my slides don't stand alone without me there to narrate, so it took me a little while to get around to annotating them.  :)  You can see Matt's excellent slide presentations on "Examples of Humaninet's 2009 Projects" and "Geo-Usability" at the Humaninet Maps 2.0 website.

"Behind the Scenes" Of EDF's "Dirty Oil in NYC" Mapplication!

Last week, we added a new example to our resource library: the Environmental Defense Fund's interactive mapping application of "dirty" heating oil in New York City on a building-by-building level.  Because this is a great example of a nonprofit mapping application, I asked the EDF's Kira Marchenese to tell us a little bit more about the data sources, mapping tools, and processes that took place to create this project.

Tutor/Mentor Connection: Leaders in Nonprofit GIS!

example of a map of tutor/mentor connectionI recently interviewed Dan Bassill, president and founder of Tutor/Mentor Connection, a well-respected organization in Chicago that provides extensive mentorship-related resources as well as an online community for tutor/mentor program educators, facilitators, fundraisers, policymakers, and other interested parties.  Dan has long been a supporter of the use of GIS and online mapping in a nonprofit/community context, and T/MC was providing interactive online maps years before the "Mashup Explosion" of this decade.

HOWTO: Quick and Dirty Google Maps

The Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) has long since been a hero to me: the dedication, the participatory politics and the clear and open campaigns that are respectfully fought. It seems only fitting to use their fabulous community resource map - created in conjunction with the Open Youth Network - as an example for this article. First, take a look at what it has going for itself: