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STATS America

stats america shotSTATS America is a data portal where visitors can get demographic, workforce, housing, and other data for every state, county, and metro area in the United States.  The site is jointly sponsored by the US Commerce Department and Indiana University.

Mapping the US Community Health Data Initiative

The US Department of Health and Human Services recently announced a new open data initiative, the Community Health Data Initiative, intended to provide tools and data sets for community-level health analysis.  As the first part of this initiative, HHS and related government and non-government entities will be collecting and linking to existing data and resources, some of which we've already examined (such as the mapplication).  The USDA contributes its county-level food and nutrition atlas, useful for visualizing statistics about food deserts, food access, and food insecurity issues, as well as physical activity statistics.  


World Bank's Data Catalog

The World Bank offers a large data repository of economic indicators, statistics, and other useful tools for mapmakers working in international development.  Users can search for data by country or by topic (Aid Effectiveness, Health, Poverty, etc.).  In addition to viewing or downloading data, the site presents a nifty visualization tool displaying data on a world map.


Edmonton Open Data Catalogue

Open data catalogue website provided by the City of Edmonton, provincial capital of Alberta, Canada.  Features a variety of topical data sets, including locations of schools, fire stations, bus stops, census data, etc.


OpenDataLinks, operated by, is a portal collecting open government data applications from around the world (but primarily in Canada, where the organization is based).

GeoGratis - Canadian government geodata

Operated by Natural Resources Canada, GeoGratis is a new portal that attempts to improve access to freely available Candian government-created geodata.  Although many government geodata resources in Canada are protected by Crown Copyright and thus not freely available, all of the data on this portal should be free to obtain and use for any purpose.